Prayers: a collection

| Take Heart |

Lord Jesus,

Remind us that the highlighted issues

in the world today

are all heart problems

…and spirit problems.

Remind us that each battle

we are facing

is not against flesh and blood

but against cosmic powers and spiritual forces of evil…

Ephesians 6:12.

You say in John 16:33 that

“In this world you will have trouble…but take heart!

for I have overcome the world.”

Thank you that

you promise your children

your presence and peace now

and total restoration

in the age to come.

I am so excited for that day

when all will be made NEW.

But for now

I weep alongside my brothers and sisters

because this world is hard to live in.

My heart is broken

to pieces….and you draw near

and weep with me.

And then you whisper again:

“take heart…for I have overcome the world.”


| May We Let You Grieve With Us |

Lord Jesus,

I too often forget

that you suffered too.

Which is why our every ache and moan

you feel deeply.

Our every tear shed behind closed doors

you see entirely.

And our every heart cry

moves your heart considerably.

John 11:35 says that you wept.

Luke 22:44 says that your sweat became like drops of blood.

And Mark 14:34 says your soul was overwhelmed with sorrow

to the point of death

…before you died for us.

Grief is not a stranger to you.

You had full knowledge of what you would experience

because Isaiah 53 prophesied it.

And after mourning it, you chose it.

You willingly chose the physical and spiritual affliction.

You chose to be our suffering Servant.

I am thankful, Lord.

And the story doesn’t end there.

Your sorrow and anguish produced

our blessed, sealed, fear-eliminating hope.

I don’t think we will ever understand

even a fraction of the love you have for us

until we get to come home and see your beautiful face

and experience living the way you designed it to be.

But in the meantime

may we let you grieve with us

and comfort us

and sustain us

in the here and now

because this world is hard to live in

and we need you more than we know.

Our hearts and flesh may fail

but YOU are the strength of our hearts

and our portion forever.

Psalm 73:26.


| May Our Souls Be Well |

Lord Jesus,

We, your bride

desperately want to be

in alignment with your heart.

May we exchange our anxieties

for shalom

and flee from sin

by surrendering it all at your feet


Revive our weary humanness

and encourage us.

Make us effective for your Kingdom work.

Give us vision and renewed purpose.

Remind us that your Word is beckoning us

and that the Good News is meant to be shared.

For the day we get to fully behold Your glory

Is only moments away.

Thank you for seeing us all

through the eyes of precious grace

and for giving us abounding hope.

Romans 15:1-13.

May our souls be well.


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