The In-Between

And today is Saturday.
No more mockery
No more crowds
There is quiet.
Only yesterday Jesus perished on that cross
With a crown of thorns driven into his scalp
And nails driven through his hands and feet
All because of his imperishable L o v e
For us
And his faithfulness to fulfill his promises.
Drenched in blood and tears
He hung there
Gasping for air.
God made him who had no sin
To be sin for us
2 Corinthians 5:21.
The incarnate Son of God
Bore the full weight of sin!
After several hours
Jesus uttered with authority, “TETELESTAI”.
It. Is. Finished.
And breathed his last.
The “King of the Jews” is dead
The people said.
Some rejoiced
Some grieved
And some carried on with their lives
As if nothing happened.
Yet, spiritually, it was the darkest day.
Evil appeared to have won.
Now his body is wrapped in linen
And laying in a tomb
Guarded by Romans
On this Saturday.
All hope is seemly lost.
But things still shifted…
Something holy happened on Friday.
And there is something holy about today.
This crucifixion seemed to have inestimable purpose
Inestimable value…
Wouldn’t the incarnate Son of God
Rescue himself if not?
And did Jesus not promise to rise again?
Surely tomorrow the world will see
That yesterday’s excruciating event matters
In ways that broken, sinful people
Cannot fully comprehend.
And so may we still hope
In the in-between
Because GLORY awaits.

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