A Garden Analogy

Hi friend, Today it became so overwhelmingly clear to me that God has been teaching me something. It's kinda like a puzzle because he has been revealing small pieces to a bigger picture a little bit at a time. He may not be finished yet, but I wanted to invite you into the process. It... Continue Reading →

Look Up

I recently received the news that my month-long missions trip to Israel in May is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A wave of disappointment and heartache rushed over me in that moment. The more I processed the news, the more loss I felt and still feel. Honestly, I think God wants us to grieve... Continue Reading →

3 thoughts​

A few weeks ago, I visited Barnabas Family Ministries and was encouraged to spend some time alone with Jesus and to ask him to reveal to me what his invitation was for me in that moment. Eventually, I wrote down: --> to live with a holy expectation --> to live with a pure expectation --> to live with... Continue Reading →

Finals Week

  Dear fellow student, I want to briefly share what is on my heart, to encourage me, and to encourage you. I recently watched a video by Stefan Vandenkooy called "Finals Week". In it, he begins by acknowledging that school is hard...and how living selfishly because of the struggle is easy to do. I agree... Continue Reading →

Friends: A Gift From God to Us

  Just for a moment, think about all the people who have told you they love you. Who have demonstrated to you that they care about you. Try to replay those memories in your head. The moment you felt when your friend looked you in the eye and said that they're proud of you. Told you they appreciate... Continue Reading →

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