At it again! Apple Pressing Round 2

I think we underestimated just how many crates of apples we actually have in the walk in fridge until we checked recently. There's a lot. Piled high to the ceiling. Rows and rows. It's incredible. So that said, we still have a ways to go. Here's another documentation of the day spent chopping and building... Continue Reading →

Apple Pressing!

The highlight of this past week for me was pressing all the apples we harvested in the summer! It was quite the operation, and required all hands on deck.  🙂 We had an apple chopping station: While some worked the apple press (which is actually a wine press) The juice is absolutely divine, and it's... Continue Reading →

Oh how I love a new adventure

(Sorry, this post is a few days late!) Some of you may know that my new adventure, that began on Sept 12th, entails living on a beautiful island on the Sunshine Coast for 8-9 months. I have officially started my interning journey at Barnabas Family Ministries on Keats Island, and I'd say it's off to... Continue Reading →

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