An Unexpected Change

With mixed emotions we said "see you later!" to these beautiful people last Saturday. Dave was given an official offer of employment with the District of North Vancouver's fire department, after several months of interviews, written and physical exams, etc etc. He was one of 7 people chosen out of 350 initial candidates on the... Continue Reading →

Internship: Brief Reflection

In the mere 3 1/2 months I've been interning here at Barnabas, there have been challenges unlike any I could have dreamt up, yet it's through the struggle that I've experienced God work wonders. I'm finally understanding that when we invite Him into uncomfortable situations, His presence is very real. Friends, know that He wants to be... Continue Reading →

Intern Update 2016/2017!

Hi everyone! I'm still alive and well, and apologize for my delayed update! We were blessed with the whole month of December off to relax and celebrate the holidays. I'll briefly fill you in on the month of November and what we've been up to this month! ~~ 1. After we hosted the Young Adult Retreat,... Continue Reading →

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