Fall Photoshoot!

My close friend, Rebekah, is moving to Ontario next week, and hopped on a couple of boats to come visit me one last time on Monday. We thought a photoshoot would be fun - below are a few of my favourites from the day 🙂

Recap: A Weekend to Remember

Last weekend we hosted two retreats at the same time, and somehow managed to survive the 24 hour power outage while our guests were here! Thankfully, my amazing friend and previous summer staff member, Justice Martens, came along for the ride and helped out a TON. The two retreats were: Mother & Adult Daughter, and... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Sunshine Coast

We had this last weekend off, so we decided an adventure was in order. "What better way to spend a Sunday than explore Tetrahedron Provincial Park", said my fellow interns. The logistics were soon figured out, the plan was set, the game was afoot, all before you could say "it's raining outside!". Either way, the... Continue Reading →

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