Prayers: a jumble of heart cries & gratitude

Please feel free to add to thisand pray these are loved. Lord, revive our weariness and make us effective for your k i n g d o m work Lord, we repent for our pride, selfishness, ungratefulness, and forgetting you. Deliver us, oh God Lord, may we know you better and love you more... Continue Reading →

Prayers: a collection

| Take Heart | Lord Jesus, Remind us that the highlighted issues in the world today are all heart problems ...and spirit problems. Remind us that each battle we are facing is not against flesh and blood but against cosmic powers and spiritual forces of evil... Ephesians 6:12. You say in John 16:33 that "In... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Pre-Pandemic Self

I wrote a letter to my pre-pandemic "March 1st Self" . I think there is something beautiful and healing about processing pain along with acknowledging all the God has done...and remembering him. I'd love to share a snapshot of my journey with you in hopes that you'll feel inspired to reflect and remember God, too.... Continue Reading →

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