In the Wake of Newness

Community Coffee, a new initiative by Mackie’s Place and Relate Church, has a special place in my heart. It isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s a space run by a team who have been impacted by the work that Mackie’s Place does for youth who are hurting in Surrey. It is also a space that... Continue Reading →

The One on the Throne

My heart wants peace; It yearns for it. I live my days carefully So my body Mind Heart Stays safe. Harmony is attractive to me; I want to hear laughter. For people to value each other. Real listening as a gift. I want people to see each other And I want to be seen, too.... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Today

Lord, JesusThank you for who you are and for what you’ve done.Thank you for the grace you give us in every moment.Thank you for forgiving us.Thank you for your heart for us and for presencing yourself with your people.Thank you for delighting in us.Thank you for using us to bring glory to your name.Thank you... Continue Reading →

The In-Between

And today is Saturday.No more mockeryNo more crowdsThere is quiet.Only yesterday Jesus perished on that crossWith a crown of thorns driven into his scalpAnd nails driven through his hands and feetAll because of his imperishable L o v eFor usAnd his faithfulness to fulfill his promises.Drenched in blood and tearsHe hung thereGasping for air.God made... Continue Reading →

Holy Remembrance

I have been pondering lately how the moments when our souls truly remember our holy God are the moments when incredible, stunning, and ground-breaking change can happen. This pondering began last year. I was in a season where I felt empty inside and numb. There were consecutive losses and events in my life that brought... Continue Reading →

Prayers: a collection

| Take Heart | I prayed this prayer when Covid hit in 2020. When several things began surfacing that were unsettling and discouraging, I spent time with God and he reminded me that we are ultimately facing a spiritual battle…and not to fear. He encouraged my heart by reminding me of his victory and my... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Pre-Pandemic Self

I wrote a letter to my pre-pandemic "March 1st Self" . I think there is something beautiful and healing about processing pain along with acknowledging all the God has done...and remembering him. I'd love to share a snapshot of my journey with you in hopes that you'll feel inspired to reflect and remember God, too.... Continue Reading →

A l i g n m e n t

Friend, I'm going to start this post by sharing what I've struggled with in this season of my life. Then, I'm going to share how God has been speaking to me through the struggle. The struggles have looked like wrestling through tensions of: --> rejoicing in what God has done // feeling anxious about tomorrow.... Continue Reading →

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