A Garden Analogy

Hi friend, Today it became so overwhelmingly clear to me that God has been teaching me something. It's kinda like a puzzle because he has been revealing small pieces to a bigger picture a little bit at a time. He may not be finished yet, but I wanted to invite you into the process. It... Continue Reading →

Reflection on the Stories of Joseph & Esther

Recently, I have been studying Esther and Joseph in the Bible. And only now I realize how crazy their lives were. Both people were used by God in profound ways, but their lives were not bliss. They suffered lots. They were disappointed lots. They had to muster up courage lots. They were expected to be... Continue Reading →

So Long, Farewell (for now)

On April 12th, Nick, Ev, and I were invited to what we thought would be a small gathering of people for dinner. Instead, we were surprised with a huge farewell party, the day the internship ended for us. The meal was insanely delicious, and every single staff member on the property was present. They prayed... Continue Reading →

Hooray an UPDATE Post!

I have so much to update you on, friends! Let's throw it back about a couple months ... 1On February 9th-12th we hosted a beautiful Valentine's fundraiser weekend for our 53 formally invited guests. They came to be challenged by the speaker's (Mark Buchanan's) devotionals, enjoy wine and 3 course meals, and to give the Station... Continue Reading →

Intimacy with Jesus

I've come to the understanding recently that Jesus not only wants, but yearns to have a thriving and intimate relationship with us, and is blessed when we do too. But, what does it mean to be 'intimate' with Him? I've narrowed down a few things I'm in the process of learning, while living on an island far far... Continue Reading →

Missions Fest (2017) Recap

The three day long annual Missions Conference we attended in Vancouver was an absolute blast. If you haven't heard of Missions Fest, it's a worldwide organization that highlights global mission opportunities, showcases over 230 international Christian organizations and ministries, and world class speakers share in over 100 seminars, plenary sessions, and youth rallies. It's purpose... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Change

With mixed emotions we said "see you later!" to these beautiful people last Saturday. Dave was given an official offer of employment with the District of North Vancouver's fire department, after several months of interviews, written and physical exams, etc etc. He was one of 7 people chosen out of 350 initial candidates on the... Continue Reading →

Internship: Brief Reflection

In the mere 3 1/2 months I've been interning here at Barnabas, there have been challenges unlike any I could have dreamt up, yet it's through the struggle that I've experienced God work wonders. I'm finally understanding that when we invite Him into uncomfortable situations, His presence is very real. Friends, know that He wants to be... Continue Reading →

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