Intern Update 2016/2017!

Hi everyone! I'm still alive and well, and apologize for my delayed update! We were blessed with the whole month of December off to relax and celebrate the holidays. I'll briefly fill you in on the month of November and what we've been up to this month! ~~ 1. After we hosted the Young Adult Retreat,... Continue Reading →

Young Adult Highlights

We just wrapped up our Young Adult retreat today. And it was fantastic. This particular retreat is special. There's an enormous amount of build up to it from the start of the summer; even though it's in mid November, and is always the one retreat that is 100% maxed out with a waiting list. That... Continue Reading →

Fall Photoshoot!

My close friend, Rebekah, is moving to Ontario next week, and hopped on a couple of boats to come visit me one last time on Monday. We thought a photoshoot would be fun - below are a few of my favourites from the day 🙂

Recap: A Weekend to Remember

Last weekend we hosted two retreats at the same time, and somehow managed to survive the 24 hour power outage while our guests were here! Thankfully, my amazing friend and previous summer staff member, Justice Martens, came along for the ride and helped out a TON. The two retreats were: Mother & Adult Daughter, and... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Sunshine Coast

We had this last weekend off, so we decided an adventure was in order. "What better way to spend a Sunday than explore Tetrahedron Provincial Park", said my fellow interns. The logistics were soon figured out, the plan was set, the game was afoot, all before you could say "it's raining outside!". Either way, the... Continue Reading →

At it again! Apple Pressing Round 2

I think we underestimated just how many crates of apples we actually have in the walk in fridge until we checked recently. There's a lot. Piled high to the ceiling. Rows and rows. It's incredible. So that said, we still have a ways to go. Here's another documentation of the day spent chopping and building... Continue Reading →

Apple Pressing!

The highlight of this past week for me was pressing all the apples we harvested in the summer! It was quite the operation, and required all hands on deck.  🙂 We had an apple chopping station: While some worked the apple press (which is actually a wine press) The juice is absolutely divine, and it's... Continue Reading →

Oh how I love a new adventure

(Sorry, this post is a few days late!) Some of you may know that my new adventure, that began on Sept 12th, entails living on a beautiful island on the Sunshine Coast for 8-9 months. I have officially started my interning journey at Barnabas Family Ministries on Keats Island, and I'd say it's off to... Continue Reading →

The Father’s Love Letter To Us

I attended a church event a few months ago, and this was spoken and handed out to us on paper. Just had to share it Father’s Love Letter The Cry of Our Father’s Heart from Genesis to Revelation My child…You may not know Me, but I know everything about you…Psalm 139:2 I know when you... Continue Reading →

Personal Psalm

Have you ever created your very own Psalm? If not, I encourage you to! It could be about praising God for His faithfulness, or about asking Him for help through a struggling point in your life. I’m not done adding to this yet, but thought I would share what I have written so far. Also,... Continue Reading →

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