Look Up

I recently received the news that my month-long missions trip to Israel in May is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A wave of disappointment and heartache rushed over me in that moment. The more I processed the news, the more loss I felt and still feel.

Honestly, I think God wants us to grieve and feel the emotions that he created us with. And I take comfort in the fact that he is an emotional God who deeply cares, too.

So, I grieve… not traveling with the beautiful people on my team; not seeing the destination that has been on my heart to see when I thought I would; the future shopping trips to hunt for supplies and comfy walking shoes; the fundraisers and the community-building events we would host at my university; the practicum I would complete in Israel for school credit; the local people in Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem we would befriend and love in person; the phenomenal food we’ve seen photos of; the silly vlogs my team would create; the long plane rides, day trips, and stretches of walking we would conquer as a unit; the skills I would learn; the spiritual growth I would experience…

But just recently I’ve remembered two things.

  1. God is a redemptive God. He will turn this around…somehow, someway.
  2. It was never actually about me in the first place…

…the missions trip was God’s project. And it still is God’s project. He’s just relocating it…a little closer to home.

I will still grieve the loss of my exciting plans. As well as the loss the world is experiencing right now, including the loss of jobs, opportunities, special events, social interaction, health, and so on…

BUT…amidsts it all…he gently says:

Grieve for a time, but then remember that I am ABLE.  I have so much more for you.

But first, you need to…

Look up from your phone

Look up from your disappointment

Look up from your hurt

Look up from your discomfort

Look up from your uncertainty

Look up from your failure

Look up from the “what ifs”

Look up from your regret

Look up from your anxiety

Look up from your grudges

Look up from your insecurities

Look up from your addictions

Look up from your loneliness

Look up from your anger

Look up from your chaos

Look up from the messiness

Look up from the discord

Look up from your unknowns

Look up from your distractions

Look up from your busyness

Look up from your laziness

Look up from your heartache

…this period of pandemic and social isolating might bring up lots of the above. But look UP.

Sin will weigh you down the more you feed it. It will become heavier and heavier. But please don’t give in to it.

I didn’t design you to live that way.

— But I did design you to look up —

Look up and see my kind eyes

Look up and notice my steady breath

Look up and accept my warm embrace

Look up and hear my voice

Look up and receive my peace and grace

Look up and thank me for my provision for you

Look up and see that I am mourning with you

Look up and see that I am sitting right beside you

Look up and see my hand in your life

Look up and see the work that I am doing in your friend’s life

Look up and ask me for wisdom

Look up and spend time with me

Look up with a heart that is ready to grow

Look up and trust me

Look up and see me restore and heal

Look up and know that I deeply care for you

Look up ready to love, not to try to make sense of pain

Look up and see the beauty that I created

Look up and give your worries to me

Look up and find sweet rest for your soul

Look up and let me show you how I see you

Look up and find a friend in me

Look up and let me give you a vision for your life

Look up and prepare to be used by me

Look up and get ready for glory

Friend, God desires us to look up from our broken world and chaos and to actually SEE him and who he is in our lives.

He is God and we are not.

He is big and we are small.

He sees everything and we are blind to the future.

He is peace and we are anxious.

He is holy and we are broken.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are here on earth.” (Colossians 3:2)

Let’s look up and see what he does




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  1. This is so beautiful and encouraging, Sharaya! I’m so SO sorry that you won’t be able to go on this missions trip. 😞 But the opportunity may just come back again 💛


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