A Gospel Analogy

The other day I was sitting outside with a journal in hand, and suddenly became very cold. I was just about to get up and seek warmth inside, but before I did, I sensed God say to me that not knowing him is to be cold… 

And like any person who is feeling discomfort because of the cold and wants to find a way to be warm, cold people yearn for God because he is the source of warmth.

Cold people who don’t move can make it on their own temporarily by breathing into their hands, taking brisk walks, layering, wearing gloves, or trying to imagine being warm…but that won’t work forever.

On the other hand, the cold person can become numb to the cold and forget about the discomfort…but then death is closer on the horizon.

The only way to become warm forever is by knowing the Source of the lasting warmth.

It’s by choosing the right approach: not numbing, not wishing it away, not inventing warmth but by surrendering the fact that warmth doesn’t come from ourselves. It comes from the Giver of the warmth.

The next step to living a warm life is by choosing to trust that Source. Laying down our ways of achieving temporary warmth and asking for it from a place of humility and gratitude, recognizing that it’s a gift.

When the cold person does this and takes that step, they will be welcomed to sit by a roaring fire that will burn all the days of their lives.

Their discomfort will not leave though; it will simply change.

Instead of living life without lasting warmth and experiencing the discomfort of that, they will instead experience the discomfort of sharing the warmth with cold people, because people who are numb, or who think they can create warmth on their own, are hard to talk to.

To tell these cold people that they not only don’t have to create their own warmth but that they actually can’t create their own warmth will be awkward and difficult because they’ve become accustomed to the cold.

It’s their identity.

Their normal.

Their safety… in a twisted way.

But the beautiful thing is, the more the warm person sits by the roaring fire the more equipped and excited the warm person will become to share their gift with people who don’t have it yet. 

The more the fire warms the warm person, the more clear it will become that staying warm by the fire is how life is meant to be lived, because that’s how the Giver created it to be. 

The fire is meant to heal, to restore, to grow, to shape, to minister, to challenge, and to encourage…every person.

The fire makes sense of living. Shivering in the cold is not how to live a life.

Beloved, I am calling you to minister to cold people who don’t know the warmth that I am offering them yet. -God

Please chew on the words and let God speak to you through it.

You are loved.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

– John 13:35

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