An Unexpected Change

With mixed emotions we said “see you later!” to these beautiful people last Saturday.


Dave was given an official offer of employment with the District of North Vancouver’s fire department, after several months of interviews, written and physical exams, etc etc. He was one of 7 people chosen out of 350 initial candidates on the whole North Shore, and everyone at Barnabas is super proud of him! He applied in July, and continued the process during the internship because he expected to start in the summer if he ended up being accepted, but was actually given the start date of Jan 16th, 2017. It was a huge surprise for them.

To add another ounce of craziness to the story, they found out within the same 24 hours of receiving the conditional offer from the fire department that Catherine is pregnant! A very eventful and life altering day, big time 🙂

We spent about a week with them after our time away for Christmas, and it was lovely.

I want to wrap up with this:


I’m going to miss my fellow extravert! I love how you’re always up for a game or a movie (but mostly a game, or two or three), even late at night — mainly just to spend some quality time with people. You truly are a servant, and Christ shines through you in everything you do: your enthusiasm and laughter, your Christmas carolling (even after the holidays – “Christmas is coming!”), your creative ideas (like Ev’s First 30 of 30 Days advent calendar you thought up – without Pinterest), all your work in the shop building beautiful decor for gifts, and how you take a deep interest in people. The house is feeling a bit emptier without your big presence (you’re super tall, in case you need a reminder), and I miss you calling me the nickname you and Nick made up for me (Sharayray ) 🙂 And last but not least, I will admit, that I sort of, maybe, kinda even miss being constantly shot by your gigantic nerf gun Catherine and I got you for your birthday (even though we regretted our decision right after you opened it).


I’m going to miss my fellow prayer partner, tea drinker, worship music lover…your spontaneous dance moves when your favourite song came on, your competitiveness when it comes to games, and getting cozy with chocolate and blankets or in the hot tub to talk about heart matters. You are truly a prayer warrior, and that is one out of several things I admire about you. I love how you would always blast your worship music and sing your heart out in the Shep and while washing dishes – it always brought a smile to my face. Thank you for all your hugs, your life advice, and encouragement!

Love you guys. I can’t wait to meet your baby in the summer, and hear all about the crazy adventures God has coming your way in this next chapter of your life together. Come and visit often!


~Sharaya (Sharayray)



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