Exploring the Sunshine Coast

We had this last weekend off, so we decided an adventure was in order. “What better way to spend a Sunday than explore Tetrahedron Provincial Park”, said my fellow interns. The logistics were soon figured out, the plan was set, the game was afoot, all before you could say “it’s raining outside!”. Either way, the rain didn’t stop the packing of the bags at the crack of dawn, and I couldn’t help but smile at their optimism.

We hopped on board the water taxi that graciously came and picked us up, even though we didn’t quite give them their required 1 hour notice, and were on our way just as the sun decided to flood through the clouds.



(Sorry for the different camera quality photos! iphone 5 vs. Nikon P600 for ya)

We drove the hour + through Gibsons and Sechelt picking up food along the way, and arrived at the start of our hiking trail at 10 am.

I can’t tell you how much I was amazed by the scenery. I wish I took more photos, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back sometime soon…


Once we made it to Edwards Lake, we took a break and basked in the sun.


Our destination was Edward’s Cabin, so we climbed for another half hour until we found it.


It’s pretty spacious inside!

And then, of course, we needed to take a group selfie.


After our 10K round trip, we drove back to Gibsons, shopped in some cute stores, and then eventually found some pizza for dinner (after checking out several Asian restaurants – amazing how long it can take to find a place to eat!)

And lastly, we called another taxi (the driver is familiar with Barnabas!) and took us home.


Twas’ a day well spent.

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